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Application Project Name PDF Dowload
Adobe Photoshop CCOverheat (Winner of FSPA Competition)Overheat PDF
CreationCreation of Eden PDF
Burden of EdenBurden of Eden PDF
Dawn of EdenDawn of Eden PDF
Speckled StarrySpeckled Starry PDF
2-Dimensional ArtRubik's Sk8Rubik's Sk8 PDF
Dirty MindDirty Mind PDF
DarcieDarcie PDF
Scratchboard ConcentrationConcentration PDF
Adobe Illustrator CCLogo DesignsLogos PDF
God Bless AmericaGod Bless America PDF
Gun Violence PSAGun Violence PSA PDF
Tattoo Design: ImaginationTattoo Design PDF
Filter Panel: Art of MusicFilter Panel PDF
Adobe Premiere Pro CCAnimation: Skin DeepSkin Deep 2018
Introduction Sequence: VegaIntroduction Sequence
MAS Logo AnimationMAS Video Art and Animation
Music Media Package: The SeparationMusic Media Package
Adobe InDesignGraduation Card: GrowthGraduation Card PDF
Rubik's Retroz Advertising PackageRubik's Retroz PDF
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